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Standing and Walking Aids
Supine Stander
Size and the stander grows up with the child
The wide range of angle adjustment allows the stander to be positioned nearly horizontal while placing the child in the stander.
Available in two sizes: SS1and SS2
Adjustable lateral knee supports
Chest Harness (CHS or CHS2)
45㨯ulder protractors
Supine Stander
Supine Stander

Enables standing in the prone position at different angle settings
Promote upright body position
Stimulate circulation
Can grow with child

Prone/Supine Stander
This Horizon Stander allows for standing in the prone to supine position with the very same stander and offers a hitherto unachieved degree of posture support thanks to a whole series of standard components and optional accessories.
•  Conversion kit for prone to supine position
•  Conversion kit for supine to prone position
-Basic stander includes: two pairs of lateral supports (for the trunk and the hips), one 2" velcro strap for either hip or trunk laterals, sectional back pads, posterior knee pads with padded strap, shoe holders and locking caster
Prone/Supine Stander

Squiggles Standing Frame
Helps support the child's posture.
Upright posture strengthens the bones and joints and contributes to bone formation.
The pelvis, trunk, legs, and feet can be securely positioned.
Optional: pelvic and knee supports adjustable in height, depth, width, and angle; foot buckets
Can be changed from supine stander into prone stander in a few steps (removal of headrest, turning of foot buckets)
Available with standard base or with tilting base (allows continuous adjustment up to horizontal position)
Squiggles Standing Frame

Nurmi Neo î¡´ural walking
Large range of accessories for different clinical pictures and demands
Height-adjustable grip bar makes it possible to use for a long time
Available in three sizes and two colors
Light and foldable
Great security
Wheels with especially good rolling properties
Nurmi Neo – Natural walking

Available in three sizes: for children or adolescents from approx. 3-6, 5-12 or 8-16 years
Suitable as upright support, prone board, or drainage support
Padded trunk plate and supports
The prone board is divided into three sections and is infinitely height adjustable
Adjustment from 90䯠-15穴h gas spring and foot pedal
Individually adjustable legrests, pneumatic adjustment of abduction from 0䯠30좲 /> Frame: steel tube construction, powder-coated and chrome-plated
Trunk plate and supports:
Foam padding over wood plates/cores with naturally-breathing artificial leather covering
Foot buckets: molded polystyrene
Twin-roller casters 75 mm, separately lockable

Standing and Walking Aids
Supine Stander
Prone Stander
Prone/Supine Stander
Squiggles Standing Frame
Nurmi Neo î¡´ural walking
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